Five One Two Counseling & Coaching

Shaina Singh, LCSW, Board Approved Supervisor

​Psychotherapist. Life Coach. Dating Coach


I am currently accepting new LMSW supervisees beginning July 1st, 2018.

A supervisor-supervisee relationship is one that encompasses trust, respect, openness to growth, vulnerability, and honesty. I am a Texas State Board of Examiners approved Clinical Supervisor. My goal as a supervisor is to help you grow, learn, and become an empowered in your identity as a Clinical Social Worker. 

My clinical supervision approach is modeled around growth, helping you enhance your clinical and professional skills, helping you gain confidence and competency in your role as a Clinical Social Worker. I understand that each person's learning style is different and as a supervisor, I find ways to reach each supervisee where they are, identify their strengths, and help identify their areas of opportunities. 

As a Social Worker, I bring a diverse background and set of skills which include:

  • treating adults in an inpatient psychiatric setting
  • supporting students in the school setting and supporting them and their families
  • working with individuals and couples and supporting them with their relationships
  • incorporating the understanding of sexuality and gender and how it plays a role in relationships
  • celebrating and supporting different genders and sexualities and being an ALLY to the LGBTQII+ community 
  • experience with working with victims of domestic violence, the complexities it entails etc. 
  • utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy approach


May I seek supervision outside of my place of employment?
  • Yes! If there isn't a board approved supervisor at your place of employment, then an LMSW seeking clinical hours towards LCSW licensure is required to obtain and submit a Clinical Supervision plan along with a letter from your direct supervisor, higher leadership that shows that you are obtaining clinical supervision from an outside supervisor. 

How long do I have to be in supervision?
  • The board requires a  minimum of 100 hours of supervision with a board-approved supervisor that occurs throughout the course of a minimum of 3,000 supervised clinical hours. The supervisee must engage in supervision and clinical hours within a timeframe of a minimum of 24 months and in no more than 48 months. 

How often do I have to meet with my supervisor?
  • In accordance with Texas State Board requirements supervisees with an approved plan for full-time work must participate in no fewer than four (4) hours of supervision each calendar month AND no fewer than two (2) supervisory sessions each calendar month.
  • Supervision hours can be completed over a combination of individual and group sessions.
  • I am available to supervisees for consultation and if a crisis arises throughout the duration of our time together.

How do we start working together?
  • I welcome you to call me at my office number 512-522-1061 OR email me at [email protected]
  • We will set up a first-time consultation/interview, get to know each other and lastly determine fit. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have for me etc. 

What are your fees?
  • My rate for clinical supervision is $325 per month. This includes group and individual supervision sessions. My fees also include my availability for all crises related supervision phone consults whenever you need it throughout our supervisory-supervisee relationship.